Working Land Book

2016, 136 pages, 100 color illustrations, hardcover 10″X8″ $35

Available online or in-store at Magers & Quinn Booksellers, Minneapolis


Excerpts from the Working Land  book:

WL Cover.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10238_April 25, 2017-c6.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10239_April 25, 2017-c91.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10240_April 25, 2017-c26.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10243_April 25, 2017.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10246_April 25, 2017.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10247_April 25, 2017.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10248_April 25, 2017.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10252_April 25, 2017.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10253_April 25, 2017.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10254_April 25, 2017.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10256_April 25, 2017.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10258_April 25, 2017.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10259_April 25, 2017.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10262_April 25, 2017.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10264_April 25, 2017.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10267_April 25, 2017.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10269_April 25, 2017.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10270_April 25, 2017.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10271_April 25, 2017.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10272_April 25, 2017.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10275_April 25, 2017.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10277_April 25, 2017.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10279_April 25, 2017.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10280_April 25, 2017.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10281_April 25, 2017.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10282_April 25, 2017.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10284_April 25, 2017.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10287_April 25, 2017.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10288_April 25, 2017.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10289_April 25, 2017.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10291_April 25, 2017.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10293_April 25, 2017.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10294_April 25, 2017.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10298_April 25, 2017.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10299_April 25, 2017.jpgJon_Solinger_Photo_10304_April 25, 2017.jpg


Working Land tells the stories of six family farms in my Otter Tail County, Minnesota neighborhood. It focuses on the people rooted to these places through working the land, and who have deep ties to a place through past generations and the hope for future regeneration.

The book’s landscape images and workplace portraits, made in places seldom seen or considered by most, contemplate the human experience of living and working on this land. It speaks of the labor that shaped our landscape and how the land in turn shapes the lives of those who work it.

The people—the central subject of Working Land —make their voices heard through hand-drawn maps, diagrams and timelines. The book, made possible with an Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund grant through the Lake Region Arts Council, also contains essays by others and an afterword and artist notes.